Your agency’s representative is the person authorized to deal with BSP on behalf of your enterprise. Therefore, only forms signed by the representative will be accepted.  

You will find here all the forms you might need as an agency licence holder.

Specific to the representative

General forms

To avoid processing delays or the return of your application, be sure to:

  • Properly complete all sections of the form;
  • Have the form and its appendices signed by the right individuals, as indicated (e.g., representative, insurance broker, director, shareholder or partner, etc.);
  • Enter the date in the designated area; and
  • Include full payment using an accepted payment method.

Be careful! Most forms must be sent to us by mail or delivered in person to safeguard the security of certain personal information. Only a few forms may be faxed. Carefully check the list of acceptable transmission methods at the top of each form.