Licence Renewal

Regular licence and Immediate Superior Agent licence without right to practise

An agent licence is issued for a period of 5 years. A few months before your licence expires, you will receive documentation explaining how to renew it.

You are responsible for returning the completed form and required documents to us at least 45 days before your licence expires.

We strongly recommend completing the renewal form as soon as you receive it. If you fail to renew your licence in time, you will be required to submit a new licence application along with all the required documents and payments. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that a licence would be issued before the licence in effect expired. In the meantime, you could be required to cease carrying on your private security activities.  

Temporary licence (other than for event security)

A temporary licence will never be valid for more than 120 days. However, you can renew it as needed for the same purpose you obtained it, e.g., the same training, investigation, or event. However, a temporary agent licence in security guarding for event security could only be renewed only twice.

You must complete the Temporary Licence Renewal form and send it to us before your licence expires.

You must provide:

  • Confirmation from your employer indicating that your services are still required for the same purpose
  • Payment of the administrative fees

Annual fees will be charged in addition to administrative fees if your temporary licence is renewed for a period exceeding one year. 

Temporary agent licence in security guarding for event security